Format: 104x2’ / Slapstick Comedy No Dialogue / HDTV CGI

Target: Family,

Languages: Neutral,

Coproducers: TVC, Tuba Ent.

Copyright: © BRB Internacional - Screen 21 – TUBA ENT. – TVC

It started such a long time ago, before the chicken or the egg, the half-full or half-empty glass. Opposite, interdependent, cannot exist without the other. They cannot be together… nor can they be separated. He is Angus. She is Cheryl. It’s all about girls vs. boys!


  • 3rd Mention-Expotoons-Argentina
  • Finalist – Cartoons on the Bay Festival- Italy
  • 3 Top Screeners – MIPCOM JR- Cannes
  • Finalist – STAR project- Seoul
  • Special Jury Prize- SICAF-Seoul
  • Finalist – SIGGRAPH- San Diego