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Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds, the famous series from BRB Internacional, will celebrate its thirtieth birthday tomorrow. Its renown characters first showed their snouts on the small screen on October 9, 1982, on Televisión Española, and since then, their adventures have continued to triumph all over the world. The brand is still alive and well, even in the middle of the digital era, with thousands of daily views on Youtube and an outstanding presence on Facebook, Twitter, mobile devices – iPhone, iPad, etc. – and new VOD plataforms such as BRBPLAY.COM – where, precisely, the series has begun to celebrate its 30th birthday offering to watch of the Series in exclusive way, for free in Spanish and English, during this week-. But that’s not all, because Dogtanian is also preparing its leap to the big screen in 3D for 2014.

After 30 years of life, Dogtanian has become a universal icon aimed at all audiences and enjoying great success in many different countries, including Spain, the UK, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Japan and the USA where it has received many awards – such as the Bronze Medal at the New York Film and Television Festival and the TP Prize for the most popular children’s series. The series, followed by a second season entitled The Return of Dogtanian, has been broadcasted in a hundred or so different countries and been translated into more than thirty languages, airing on such channels as TVE’s Clan (Spain), the BBC (UK), TF1 (France), MBS (Japan), Sat 1 (Germany), Mediaset (Italy), RTP (Portugal) and Televisa (Mexico).

In fact, the feature-length movie version of Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds, which will premier in 2014, is aimed at a global audience and has American script writers on its creative team.