Owner: BRB Internacional - Screen 21 – TVC - Image In (with ICIC and MCU support),

Target: 3 to 6 years old

Target Secundario: Families


New license based on one of the most impacting current animation series in the world. It’s a bird… it’s a bear… it’s ZOOBABU! A playful, fun box that plays with 104 different animals to create the world’s most fun cartoon guessing game: Does this really, really big trunk look familiar to you?  And that black and white coat? Have you seen how slow it moves?

Step by step, clue by clue, it will be the friendly box that gives the hints that will reveal which animal is inside: ZOOBABU!


Long-term license based on original TV series (104 x 2’): a guessing game in 3 dimensions!

First European series done in 3D stereoscopic, fundamentally interactive.

104 different animals to discover, collect… and to play with!

Values: interactivity, collectability, learning.

Broadcast on Clan TV and Panda Channel (Spain), Knowledge Kids (Canada), Minimini (Poland), Canal 9 (Costa Rica), etc.

Special Mention Award in Television Series category atExpotoons(Argentina) and nominated for MIP JR Kids’ Jury Prize (Cannes) and for Pulcinella at Cartoons on the Bay (Italy).

Powerful style guide, adaptable to different product categories.

YOUTUBE. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL67B6044E8DCAABDB