Owner: 41 Entertainment, Arad Productions, Namco Bandai Games,

Target: 5 - 10 years old


New television series based on the popular videogame Pac-Man™. Pac and his gang embark on a harrowing adventure and fight to force the ghosts who have invaded the exterior world back into their supernatural prison. An animated world of action: fresh, with spectacular chase scenes, and also full of comedy!


Brand based on a universal icon, the videogame Pac-man™. PAC-MAN™ is part of the catalogue of the Museum of Modern Art of New York.

Master Toy: Bandai America.

Videogames: Namco Bandai Games.

Cartoon series in 3D stereoscopic: 26 x 22’, ample budget, with executive production by Avi Arad (Spiderman) and Rick Ungar (X-Men Evolution ).

Broadcast confirmed for the series starting from end of 2013: Disney XD, British Sky, Network Ten…. and other leading international channels.

Numerous international partners in different production categories: Berkshire fashion (accessories), Hybrid Apparel (apparel), Candyrific (consumables), DGL Group (electronics), etc.

BRB manages for 41 Ent. the rights of the brand PAC-MAN and The Ghostly Adventures in Spain and Portugal.