Owner: BRB Internacional, Plural Entertainment, Santillana.,

Target: 3 - 6 yeras old


Mica is not a superhero. Mica doesn’t know everything… Mica is a real child. A happy, imaginative, outgoing, 6 years old girl. She believes life is full of challenges and not problems, so she deals with everything with a big smile on her face and buckets of enthusiasm.  And Mica has a tiny big secret: Lio, the charming book bug she has hidden in her den –which is a van in the garden.


TV Series (26 x 13’) based on a testate educational Project from  the Santillana publisihg house. Broadcasting since early 2014.

Partners: BRB Internacional, Plural Entertainment, Editorial Santillana.

Large variety of materials: online and off-line. Outstanding sales in Spain, Latin America…

Reality vs Fantasy. Action. Children to identify with Mica’s adventures.

Complete marketing plan which includes New Technologies.

BRB manages all the series’ rights worldwide.

More information: http://animakids.com/en/shows/mica-eng

YOUTUBE. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4AB1086D7623A651