Owner: BRB Internacional - Screen 21 - RG - EBS - M6,

Target: Family


MIPCOM JR winner of the best animated property, Bernard shows the comical adventures of a hairless CGI polar bear who leaves his frigid homeland behind and travels the world trying to better understand how the other half lives.

Bernard’s travels take him to the tour corners of the globe and with every adventure, or should we say, mis-adventure, he leaves the audience howling with laughter.


First winner of the MIPCOM JR Licensing Challenge, the TV series has been sold into more than 50 countries.

A 156x3’ TV Series (Three seasons): its shorts cover a wide range of subjects including extreme sports, travel, science and more.

The likeable hero –Bernard- and his friends have a number of licensees in several countries: Seven SPA (Italy), Evasion Comunicacion, Prime (France), WB Compagnie (Germany) …

Broadcasting: Cartoon Network (USA), Disney Latinoamerica (Lationamérica), Canada (Radio Canada), Nickelodeon (Italia), Kika (Alemania), M6 (Francia), Cartoon Network (Polonia, Hungría, RumaníaI), YLE (Finlandia), Kro (Benelux), NRK (Noruega), DR1 (Dinamarca), HBO (Eastern Europe), Muz TV (Rusia), TVE (España),… And this popular TV Series has been showed at the main metro, train and bus stations in Germany (Infoscreen). It can also be downloaded on mobiles in several European countries - Germany, Austria and Switzerland (Materna) and Croatia or Slovenia (Kitio Mobile).

BRB manages all the series’ rights worldwide, except for Asia.

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Download here the Bernard App for your iPod, iPhone and iPad.