Owner: BRB Internacional - Screen 21 - Tuba - TVC,

Target: Family


This clash started such a long time ago before the chicken or the egg, the half-full or half-empty glass: it’s all about girls vs. Boys. He is Angus. She is Cheryl. Opposite, interdependent, cannot exist without the other. They cannot be together… nor can they be separated.


Angus & Cheryl has been the winner of Third Mention award at Expotoons (Argentina).

Done in hi-def 3D, its skit-like format is also adaptable to new technologies – cell phones, videogames, blogs, IPods, virtual communities…

Broadcasting: BBC (United Kingdom), Clan TVE and TVC (Spain), Nickelodeon (France, Italy, Benelux, Mexico, Brasil…), K2 (Italy), Germany (RTL2), Russia (5th Channel)…

BRB is handling rights to the series worldwide except for Asia.

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