An international company founded by Claudio Biern Boyd in 1972 and dedicated to high-quality content production, distribution and licensing. In animation, its works have traveled around the globe, with such characters as David the GnomeDogtanian and Willy Fog having become classics.

Currently, BRB is producing successful, brand-producing series including InvizimalsTM, Mica, Bernard.–that incorporate the latest in design and technology. Meanwhile it has managed to situate itself at the forefront of the audiovisual sector in New Technologies and Digital Media: BRB has become one of the leading aggregator partners for cartoons on a world level on YouTube and has lauched its own multi-platform webpage, different apps for Smartphones and SmartTVs, etc. Likewise, it is immersed in various cartoon film projects such as SuperBernardamong others.

In licensing area, BRB manages a huge worldwide IP catalogue like Pac-ManTM from 41 Entertainment, Geronimo Stilton from Atlantyca Entertainment, and The Hive from Space Entertainment in Spain and Portugal.

In addition, its Real Image Division works on developing different formats: series and mini-series, musicals, programs for television, etc...